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We ❤️ San Diego

On May 19th, 2019, the GoHAM Radio Staff celebrated the end of Season 2 of #STREETTALK with The Swift Gang (our Station’s lead radio show) with a #HAMFAMJAM at the beach.

Artists, Vendors and Attendees alike all came together for a day of music and community, truly exemplifying the essence of a #HAMFAMJAM. The love and support felt by all couldn’t be denied and we are so excited for what the rest of 2019 has in store for us!

Our goals and mission are centered around uplifting the Community, and we appreciate all the positive feedback we continue to receive in the streets and online. Your support is a genuine affirmation that GoHAM Radio has been doing the right things.

Behind the scenes, we have been working hard to improve your experience on our website and in person. We have RESTOCKED our merchandise, INCREASED our music library, UPLOADED lots of new content and now have our SERVICES AVAILABLE on our website to make booking GoHAM Radio for your event or project easier than ever!

Simply click the tabs above or utilize our search bar to maneuver around the site.

And for those who have been asking, we have now added a COMMUNITY CALENDAR separate from our GoHAM EVENTS CALENDAR to help identify which events GoHAM Radio is a part of. This implementation will also aid event organizers by allowing them to see what and when Community activities are occurring, so not to double book, thus giving them the opportunity to maximize their respective marketing and promotional efforts without conflict.

In addition, we have also added a MEMBERS ONLY area that is FREE to sign up and will give you access to exclusives, behind-the-scenes footage, new music releases and LIVE feeds that will not be released to the general public. Just head to the site to sign up!

Please stay tuned for MORE developments and content as we prepare for our second Summer Season of #STREETTALK with The Swift Gang, set to kick off on June 7th with special guest, local non-profit, Paving Great Futures.

Again, we appreciate all the love and support from everyone and are proud to say we are San Diego’s #1 Radio and Media entity servicing the Community and Culture from the grassroots up.


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