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Want Your Music Played on Our Station?!

Here at GoHAM Radio®, we offer a FREE platform for all persons representing Arts, Culture, Entertainment and Business.  We do not charge to do an interview or play your music. We want to offer an equal opportunity to anyone looking to elevate their career and future endeavors and thus, we do not seek monetary compensation. We do ask though, that you provide material in a professional format and respect our efforts to address all emails and inquiries in a timely manner, as we do receive a number of requests daily. 

In order to be put on our guest list for a show interview, we ask that you email our Booking Manager via email at: Within that email request, please include: your social links, an E.P.K. (if you have one), a short bio, 2 full body promotional pictures (without filters and in color), along with a couple musical samples (in MP3 format) for us to review-if applicable.

If you are interested in simply submitting your music for rotation on our station, please email our Program Director at: with mastered audio tracks in MP3 format so that not only are we able to play it on our Station, we are also able to give it to our DJs to spin during their LIVE sets. IF you would like to submit station drops, those are accepted as well. 

If you would like GoHAM Radio® to promote or attend any of your events, products, or opportunities, please reach out to us via email at with the event flyer (if applicable),  the details of your promotion/giveaway/opportunity including date and time, along with any links that we may direct people to your site.

Thank you for your interest in GoHAM Radio®! We look forward to meeting each one of you!

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