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Gang Bios

Honest, Raw and Genuine with a side of Gangsta. 


Dj Rasko is a Disc Jockey, Graphic Designer, Video Editor and Co-Host on #STREETTALK with The Swift Gang. He was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica and has a deep love and respect for all genres of music. He identifies as an entertainer who loves to play and share exclusive selections by local and major artists, especially for those music lovers in search of authentic, feel-good vibes. 

Disc Jockey

Mr. Mined

Mr. Mined contributes his time and talents to #STREETTALK with The Swift Gang as not just an intern, but a member of our Swift Gang. He operates the engineering aspects of the show, while also promoting and scouting for the show. 

Engineer, Reporter and Promoter

#KingOfDaCATsle 🏰 I love my 9 lyfes.

Suited Tomcat


Thor is our sponsored pig from Farm Animal Refuge in Campo, California. He's the newest member of The Swift Gang and we are so glad to have him be a part of the crew!

Our Sponsored Pig

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LIVE Webcast Archives

9.1.17STREET TALK with the Swift Gang (Ep1)

9.1.17STREET TALK with the Swift Gang (Ep1)

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An eclectic group of diverse individuals, who represent the modern subculture, who support local artists and entrepreneurs, that discuss all things urban and entertaining.

This  Week's special guest


Watch #STREETTALK Ep4  ft. Parker Meridien!

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