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GoHAMRadio® is an independently-owned internet-based radio station and media entity full of creative and cutting-edge content, that operates within an open-minded environment, encouraging learning and self-discovery. We believe that inside this productive space, pure potentiality is attained and magic is made. This vision is achieved through hands-on experience in various multi-mediums, peer-2-peer project production, mentor/mentee relationships, international relations and scholarly perspectives, thus creating contoured progression that is unique.

At GoHAMRadio®, we spend our time Giving Opportunity, Hope And Mentorship in all that we do, as this is the "soul" purpose of our station. All forms of media and technology are utilized in order to communicate back and forth with our growing international audience so that their experience is both authentic and in real time. Along with music, GoHAM Radio® provide's a media platform for individuals, stuck between talent and industry, looking to mold their own independent career paths within the Radio and Music Industries. GoHAM Radio® believes in education, supports the youth and is an active member in urban communities. Our aim is to give a voice to those overshadowed by discrimination, economic disparities and insufficient resources.

If you are interested in volunteering, interning or joining the GoHAM Radio® staff or would like to submit your EPK for booking  review, please email us your resume/media files at:


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