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200+ Hours of Community Service!

Hello #HAMFAM!

We are coming up to our halfway mark for 2019 and the GoHAM Radio® Staff have been putting in A LOT of work Giving Opportunity, Hope And Mentorship to our Community and Culture through Radio and Media coverage!

On January 1st, 2019, the GoHAM Radio® Staff ignited our 200-hours Community Service Initiative, where our team would collectively work together with individuals and organizations in the San Diego and SoCal area, offering complementary radio and media services, in an effort to increase brand awareness, while also giving a platform and voice to San Diegans.

In just over 3 months, we have helped push the City's Urban Community to greater heights while highlighting citizens making positive moves supporting music, arts and culture. Within that timeframe, our Staff has participated in 25+ events and donated 150+ hours in community service, all for the betterment of our people and environment.

Additionally, we have grown our brand awareness by 200%, have been recognized within the community both in print and in person by various organizations, and have distinguished GoHAM Radio® as San Diego's #1 Radio and Media entity, representing our Community and Culture.

With less than 50 hours to go, our Staff is committed to continuing our mission of uplifting our neighborhoods and residents, not just during our Initiative, but every day, as we feel our purpose is to bring light to local hidden gems while simultaneously increasing our City's value.

On Sunday, May 19th, 2019, starting at 10am, our Staff will be throwing our Summer Kick-Off #HAMFAMJAM at Chula Vista's Bayside Park (North) to celebrate the end of Season 2 of #STREETTALK (our weekly Friday night radio show) and the completion of our 200+hours Community Service Initiative.

As always, our #HAMFAMJAM is FREE and family-friendly. We will have DJs, LIVE performances, GoHAM Giveaways, games, Painting area, and more!

To RSVP (and get a gift!) please click here

Thank you all for your continued support! We look forward to seeing you on May 19th!

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