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RISING with Grace 

Rising with Grace is about elevating and ascending into a higher vibrating individual with the focus being spiritual wellness. From creating a sacred space to knowing how to visualize your life while remaining grounded in your personal truths, all during a time of uncertainty, together, we will RISE; grow in LOVE; feel our own POWERS and thus, transcend into the spiritual being we are looking to be. 

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Rising from Ashes is designed to promote personal power and wellness. Learn your SHAKTI power - your cosmic, dynamic, goddess energy. This power is within you; you need only to bring your awareness to it. The RISE programs will bring the existence of this power into your consciousness, help you connect to divine power, and allow you to utilize it fully. Rising from Ashes offers three different programs - physical, spiritual, or a combination of both. All programs aim to elevate the mind, body, and spirit. Each week brings a new challenge that inspires you to break through the barriers that are keeping you from rising into your fullest potential. We will break through blockages together as we utilize the spiritual realm. We will grow your intuition as you learn to trust your gut. I will be your spiritual guide as you rise into a version of yourself that you love and cherish. Click the logo above to find out more information. 

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