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Hi GoHam #GangGang My name is Young Apollo. im an unsigned rap/hiphop/rnb/rocknroll artist out of a very small city in Pennsylvania called Erie. i want to send a BIG THANKS to goham radio for all they do here. ive been doing music seriously for 3 years come November2019 and in just less than 3years ive dropped 2 full mixtapes ”The Young Apollo Experience Vol1 (Available for free on the 814Apollo soundcloud and the 814Apollo youtube channels. And ”The Young Apollo Experience Vol2” which is available on ALL MAJOR PLATFORMS (Itunes/Applemusic, tidal, spotify, tidal, googleplay, you name the platform! its there) ive also dropped a free EP called “The Happy Birthday EP“ also available for FREE on the 814Apollo youtube channel. My TYAE Vol2 mixtape got me nominated and voted finalist at the Rock Erie Music Awards(REMA) for 2018 Best New Artist and also the Mixtape was nominated and became a finalist for 2018 Album of the year. on top of all of this theres a huge catalog of just singles ive release on the 814Apollo youtube and soundcloud FOR FREE. All this in less than 3 years work. I take pride in my work ethic and im a studio rat that truely has a love /passion for music as a whole. The goal is to one day be signed or become a succesful indy artist. i figure before i go slave so some boss can buy a house and nice cars and support they family. id put my best foot forward and do what i know i can do until my time is up. Making music doesnt feel like work i truely love the proccess. And im going to keep grinding it out until the music and myself can take care of my family. yall pray for me and wish me well as I journey from the bottom to the top! HARD WORK AND DEDICATION is how I plan on reaching my goals. its long reach but i big dream. there will be no sleep until the quotas breached, i need a BIG BAG! lol *God Bless You All